A Great Investment for the Future

Most of us have someone in the family who collects old coins, sure that those Kennedy half dollars and Bicentennial Quarters are going to be worth a fortune some day. However, many of those coins aren’t worth very much at all. Even the slightest amount of wear could greatly diminish value, and many of the coins most people consider rare are much more common than you might think. Printwood & Sanker’s founder actually sold currency for a living, and learned an impressive amount about the process that most people just don’t know.

Circulated and graded coins are some of your safest bets, and collectible coins and sets are not bad decisions either. The state quarters and presidential dollars that the U. S. Mint commissioned were actually designed to encourage people to keep and collect coins, rather than just spending them and keeping the market flooded and saturated.

You need a trusted guiding hand to show you the ropes for real, big-time coin collecting. Here is one source that we have partnered with–Coins of America.


Go forth, learn, and enjoy! Happy collecting!